Locals recommend


“Elva has been the favoured spot for vacationing and resting for those who hold silence in high esteem. Time slows down in Elva and does not hurry to unknown places. The forests, lakes and the river here adorn the town with their Nordic beauty.”


“The town of Elva is a very beautiful spot to spend the summer! I remember the time when Elva was a resort beloved by Russian professors, scholars and cultural figures in addition to its Estonian fans. Elva’s pine forest, crisp air and beautiful lakes were valued highest by the visitors.”


For me, Elva equals nature’s harmony. For example, Elva has the most specific and rarest air I know. It is a mix of the greenery of pine trees and forest lakes. In Elva, there is eternal and undisturbed peace, which can be felt especially in the summer months.
Varied scenery for nice walks can be found around Lake Arbi, but also the banks of the Elva River. On the other side of the railway, under the pine tree tops, there quietly stand the nicely cared-for houses.
When in Elva, I recommend you to take along a couple of books, walk to one of many lakes, read and be in peace. Or grab the bike and cycle to the ancient spruces in Peedu, or attend a concert, when possible.
I have many childhood memories from Elva. There are numerous forest lakes alongside Elva, where I still love to swim. When measuring the dusty gravel roads, I and my friends stumbled upon the former famous Illy lemonade factory that used to quench many people’s thirst. In the ruins of the old soft drink building, we found packs and packs of lemonade bottle labels, all new and with beautiful pictures. This was a true adventure and treasure find. Elva is filled with such unexpected and undiscovered secrets.


I love the fact that Elva is a town in the middle of lakes and forests. That Elva is a safe place to live. Clean air and the nature are the greatest assets of Elva.
For me, the loveliest places for walking are Lake Arbi and its surroundings, but also the park-forest along the railway, around Lake Vaikne and the reservoir, as well as the running trails.
I have stayed in Elva, because I sense that my roots are here, and I never intend to leave this place. Elva is a town with a wonderful living environment.
My favourite childhood place was the courtyard of the old culture centre, which was the main meeting place and playground. There, we could play football, basketball and volleyball, do other sports, and simply enjoy meeting friends.


In Elva, there are hills and meadows, lakes and forests – all that inside the town. This is what I like about it. Another thing I like is that Elva is simultaneously poetical and efficiently compact. Growing up in a beautiful place like that just has to leave a positive mark on a person.
And the pines, of course – I still react to their scent and special warm light, as if I arrived at home.
A popular place for walks is around Lake Arbi, and I like it as well. But going further, other favourites are the pine forests around the reservoir and partly in-grown Lake Vaikne.
In Elva, I recommend doing what I used to do as a child and do even now, when I visit Elva – take a good book, find a comfortable place for being on my own, and just read for a couple of hours in the nature.
The loveliest memories of Elva are those, when I walked home through Elva, after visiting a friend or her grandmother. These trips ran through different parts of town and Elva was beautiful in all places in a different way. There was no rush. This is still the feeling I get in Elva – there is no rush.